How good are you in making decisions? Part 1 – The Process

Decision making processImagine someone approaches you at a party and asks what you do for a living. You proudly answer that you are a “(level of seniority) Manager at (name of industry/ company)”. But then you’re asked: “Yeah, but what do you DO there?” How would you describe your job in one sentence to someone who has never managed people or projects? Continue reading

How do you know what to know?

Information How do you know what to knowWhen my generation was still crunching through their academic degrees in the 90-s, knowledge had some added value. Despite the fact that Internet and search engines had already existed back then, Continue reading

Personal Skills

Personal SkillsThe following situation is not uncommon in most organizations: two people can work on the same line, produce the same product, they went through the same training, and yet, their performance varies significantly. The obvious explanation for this difference in performance is that one person is more talented than the other. The problem with this explanation is Continue reading

The invisible wall

Most companies have a clear vision of job-specific skills they need an employee to have in order to perform as expected, and usually put the new employees through dedicated trainings in order for them to acquire those skills: business conduct training, safety instructions, job orientations, job specific skills workshops and so on. But what happens after that? Continue reading

Competence Training


CompetenceIsn’t it a dream of any company to get on board only those employees who will contribute straight from the first day without the need to invest time and money into teaching them on the job or any kind of dedicated training (that will be a sunk cost in any case, whether the person will stick with the company or not)? 

I think this subject deserves its own series of posts, which I’ll tag “Competence training“.