My name is Anya Faingersh and I write AnyaWorkSmart to help everyone to make their life easier. Yes, EASIER.

Whether we are entrepreneurs, business owners, contractors or working for The MAN, we are “burning” considerable parts of our precious lives in a work place. As much as we may like our jobs, they will still drain our energy and time, because this is what a “job” is – exchanging your time and energy for money.

But why should we spend SO MUCH energy and time, that we could rather use for many other meaningful things? Why can’t we break the cycle of spending more to get more? Well, maybe we can. There is actually a whole science of doing things smarter.

For many years now my job is to help people and organizations to improve their productivity. Throughout my career I’ve been wearing hats of Project Manager, Process Improvement Specialist, Business Process Analyst, and Industrial Engineer. I was, and still am, lucky enough to work with remarkable people and to be exposed to a variety of industries, from Manufacturing and Chemicals to Semiconductors and Telecommunications,   and I think it allowed me to accumulate some knowledge about how people work. Today I see that some behavioral patterns of people, systems and people in systems have several amazing peculiarities, that altogether signify an inexplicable ineptness to do things right.

By “inexplicable” I mean that the same mistakes are being made again, and again, and again, always leading to the same unwanted results. So, I started to wonder, why is that we can be capable in so many ways, but something pushes us towards the same ill choices that cost us sometimes five bucks, but sometimes our whole business or even our life. I’ve found this phenomenon to be generally cosmopolitan and all-pervading, as it crosses professions, industries, continents and countries… But I have found that there are also several simple and fundamental rules that could be applied to every sphere of life of people and organizations.

Just imagine you would have had at your disposal a magic technique to erase all wasted and poorly chosen actions, so you could aggregate in the path of your life only those that bring you prosperity. Well, that is possible only in my beloved anime cartoons, but in real life there is no going back. BUT! From this moment onwards, as you are reading this sentence, you are welcome to join me in exploring how we can work with fewer efforts, get better results and walk an easier path.

So this blog is about all of that and more…I do have a lot of answers, but at the same time I still have even more questions and I’d love to share this journey of discovery with you!:)

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Ms. Faingersh,

    I hope this message finds you well.

    My name is Alex Mardare and I am part of the marketing team at D-Sight ( d-sight.com ), a start-up company developing decision-making software. We are striving to improve the efficiency and accuracy with which managers take decisions.

    To this end, in addition to developing innovative software, we have created a blog offering people from varied professional and academic backgrounds a channel for presenting their perspectives to an audience of decision-making professionals. So far we have over 600 subscribers and increasing.

    If you would like to be part of our growing community, we would welcome your participation in our blog and we would be happy to publish new or older articles from you related to decision-making.

    You can check out our blog here:

    Kind regards,
    Alex Mardare

  2. Hi Alex, thanks for the comment. I’m always glad to share my knowledge and expertise.
    Looking forward to working with team that is passionate about people and decision making process as much as I am:)

    Keep an eye out for mail from me,

  3. Hi, Anya,
    Thanks for liking my post.
    I totally agree with you about this all-pervasive habit of making the same mistakes over and over again. Is this a genetic failing??? Why do human beings not get smart and learn? It doesn’t really take a magic technique. Just common sense, and a willingness to change!
    Thanks for some great ideas.

  4. Hi Shalini, I’m glad to have you here!
    I really liked in your article the healthy perspective on mistakes we make. Truth is the ultimate remedy:-)

  5. Hi Anya,
    Liked your article and your passionate purpose. Great to have achievers share their views with others. Knowledge shared is knowledge squared!

    Rajendra Grewal

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