The invisible wall

Most companies have a clear vision of job-specific skills they need an employee to have in order to perform as expected, and usually put the new employees through dedicated trainings in order for them to acquire those skills: business conduct training, safety instructions, job orientations, job specific skills workshops and so on. But what happens after that?

In many cases, even after all these trainings, once a certain level is reached, it is bewildering to understand that the performance does not improve any further, despite all seemingly right steps in the process of on-boarding and knowledge transfer. Both manager and employee feel like hitting an invisible wall at that point, and the frustration grows as the time passes.

So why is this happening then? Why, even when it appears that we have in our possession all the necessary knowledge to perform the job, we cannot improve the results even a bit? What prevents us from rising to the next level? What holds us back? Why are the returns diminishing despite our best efforts?

Look for answers in the next posts under the tag “Competence training”.

What is your take on that?

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