Strengthen your Team as you strengthen your body Part 2: Principles of Exercise

Princiles of exersice - Building a TeamPreviously, we’ve talked about providing your team with nourishing energy. However, when not applied properly, energy can bring more harm than good, so it is imperative to understand the principles of its application.

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Strengthen your Team as you strengthen your body Part 1: Energy Sources

Strengthen your Team as you strengthen your bodyLet’s say you already have a perfect team, the work is progressing to your complete satisfaction and any contingency you encountered was successfully overcome. Does this mean you can relax and leave your team members to their own devices?

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A new team member is like a new organ in your body

Welcoming a new member into a teamEvery manager knows that process of resourcing is a never-ending story. Constantly “fighting” for headcount, acquiring approvals, justifying the needs, not to mention recruiting, selection and interviewing are extremely time and effort consuming endeavors. But what if after all this the new team member is unable to find his or her place in the team, cannot “blend in” and deliver what’s expected? Did we somehow mess up the recruiting process? Or maybe it’s something else?Think about your team as a human body, and it all becomes clear. Continue reading

Team members function together like organs of human body: Part 2 Team Functions

Every team member, in addition to straightforward job specific duties, has additional (and critical) responsibilities in the team, related to his or her personal predisposition. Successful manager has to know how to ensure that all these additional team functions are present by building a customized communication and incentives system for each team member (see more on that under Team Building tag). There are many different typologies for these functions, so feel free to use mine :-). Continue reading