Top 10 Posts of AnyaWorkSmart: what the readers think and what I think

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The summer is over, the kids are back at school, and it’s a beginning of a new year in some cultures, so I think this is a great time to draw some bottom-lines by discussing the most popular posts of this blog. After all, people read what seems important to them, right?

So let’s see what makes some topics in Management more popular than the others, by looking at the Top Ten posts of AnyaWorkSmart as defined by readers’ views.

  1. Skills, Competence, Expertise – what is what?

A critical question, indeed 🙂 As these three concepts are what defines our chances of being hired and promoted, it’s clearly important for people to know as much as possible about them. This not simply the most popular post – its popularity is greater than that of most other posts in this list by a full order of magnitude! Says something about today’s job market, doesn’t it?

  1. How good are you in making decisions? Part 3 – Manager’s role in the process of making decisions

Out of three parts of the decision-making series of posts – this is the most popular. The reason seems obvious – in a blog intended for Managers people would naturally concentrate on what Managers do. And decision-making is something they do a lot.

  1. Decision-Making and Strategic Planning: how to fight Uncertainty

Who would have thought that three pictures of a grey tree will have such magic to them? Well, bringing the whole complicated field of business forecasting to clear and comprehensive guidelines was quite a job for me. I’m glad that the readers appreciated the result.

  1. Employee’s Loyalty – Corporate vs. Personal

Some people say that we should not expect any loyalty from our employees in the 21st century because it’s just how things are from now on. I have never accepted such absolute truths because people who work in the real world know that there is nothing absolute. You just have to know how to distinguish between situations where you have control over things to those where you don’t. This post gives a basic hint of this distinction for the issue of Employee’s Loyalty.

  1. The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of Conflict Resolution

The nice thing about this post is that its relevancy expands far beyond the borders of Management – to anywhere where human conflict is possible. As those conflicts can sabotage every activity we might have in those fields – it’s important to have a comprehensive model of dealing with them. And this is exactly what this post provides the readers with.

  1. Team members function together like organs of human body, Part 2: Team Functions

This is one of the first subject-oriented posts published in this blog. It’s crude and simple, but delivers the message: populate your team functions with right people if you want your team to be successful.

  1. Emotional Decision-Making: is there such a thing?

This is real AnyaWorkSmart quality! Where else would you get this kind of content? 🙂 This post led to quite a discussion where there was no chance for anybody to prove right – you either accept the concept or not.

  1. Data vs. Information: Analysis vs. Speculation

This is the most critical post for Managers who like to base their decisions on hard data. As Data Interpretation is in my opinion more an art than a craft, it’s important at least to understand its most basic pitfalls. Failing to distinguish between Data and Information is one of them.

  1. How good are you in making decisions? Part 1 – the Process

That is some basic, but crucial stuff you have to know about decision-making process to become a Manager. However, the reality is that not everyone is familiar with this process and without a systematic process for making decisions you end up making them randomly. Achieving random results, of course.

  1. Employee’s Loyalty – what does it mean today?

With the wide discussion of employee’s loyalty in light of recent leaks from the secret services it’s easy to understand the popularity of this post. Managers are largely defined by the people they’re working with, and if you’ve found someone good – you would like to keep them. Better to know how.

Are there any other topics you would like to read about in this blog? Feel free to suggest 🙂

What is your take on that?

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