The first year of AnyaWorkSmart – Thank you all for being here!

Happy HolidaysHappy Holidays, everyone!

About a year ago I decided to start my crusade for Life Without Biases, and about few months later AnyaWorkSmart was born. A few months more, and my first year as blogger comes to an end, and what a wonderful journey it has been so far! Who would have thought that so many people would become interested in what I have to say, but the fact is that our following is growing steadily since the beginning.

So before AnyaWorkSmart makes a little break for season greetings, let’s try to sum up what we’ve covered so far.

We’ve started with a series of posts on Team Building (1,2,3,4,5,6,7), while pondering the importance of developing the personal skills of every team member (1,2,3).

We’ve later discussed the problems of Employee Loyalty (1,2) and outlined the process for Decision-Making (1,2,3).

We’ve outlined the differences between the Project Manager and the “People” Manager (8 Myths on… ).

We’ve touched the subjects of Communication, Organizational Change and Utilizing Data and Research in Management.

We’ve talked about Strategy and Long-term Planning, about knowing when to stop doing what you’re doing and many other things.

We have also launched AnyaWorkSmart FB page where I post additional resources and you are more than welcome to share your thoughts and experiences as well.

I’d like to continue discussing those subjects further in the next year, together with many others, always keeping as my goal to support AnyaWorkSmart readers in such tough endeavors as making the right decisions and acquiring skills critical for survival in today’s market.

Is there anything specific that you would like to hear about from AnyaWorkSmart in the next year? Feel free “to place an order” – your interest is what keeps this blog going!

See you all next year! 🙂


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